Desiccant Bag

Product Description

PURPOSE To protect a myriad of goods from costly damage by adsorbing excess moisture during shipping and storage. Each bag of desiccant (16 unit) is enough to protect 375 litres of air space (0.375 cubic meters) WHAT ARE THEY? Desiccant Bags are essentially desiccants packaged in porous materials that allow them to effectively absorb moisture inside packaging or storage containers to protect any number of products, including electronic devices, food, equipment, machinery, metal components and many other valuables. WHY USE THEM? Moisture can quickly affect the value or even destroy many types of valuable goods, causing rust, corrosion, mildew, mold and device malfunction. By sealing goods inside packaging with the appropriate desiccant, goods can be protected from moisture and maintain long shelf lives.

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Product: Desiccant Bag