At ShrinkWrap supplies we are conscious of the effects on the environment when it comes to the disposal of plastic.

We encourage all of our customers and other users of our products to consider the environment when they are discarding used or left over ShrinkWrap.
To help this cause we offer our customers the option of returning their unwanted film to us where they can load it into our recycle bins free of charge. We use a local company to collect the plastic from our premises where the material is then put through an intensive cleaning and washing process prior to conversion into recycled plastic resin. The recycled resin is then used in producing the following products throughout New Zealand and Australia.



  • Film
  • Air-conditioning ducts.
  • Communication pits.
  • Injection moulded components.
  • Household Garbage bins. (Wheelie Bin)
  • Polyethylene irrigation pipe.
  • Drainage systems.
  • Manual handling equipment. Bins, Tubs, Creates.
  • Pot plants
  • Bar Chairs for the construction industry.


For our out of town customers looking for a responsible way of disposing of their unwanted plastic, please feel free to contact us to discuss options for your area.

*Please note all plastic to be recycled must be clean and free of dirt, sawdust, strapping and excessive amounts of tape*