We only supply ‘the original’ and most premium-quality shrink wrap, imported from our trusted suppliers in the US. Why? Well, let’s ask our longstanding clients who have their boots firmly on the ground…

I’ve tried cheaper suppliers from China before, but it ended up costing me more in the long run – in wasted time.”

Even without wind loading, welds peeled off the next day. The wrap was harder to work with, a hassle to separate and more flammable. It lacked longevity, causing headaches on bad-weather days. Moreover, I never received a single spec sheet from those suppliers to back up their claims, which is bad for my clients and their insurers.

That’s why I’ve relied on Shrinkwrap Supplies for over 4 years. They never disappoint and even anticipate my monthly supply needs, which is invaluable.

Jivi Rao
United Wrap


“I compared several rolls of wrap from the best overseas supplier I could find, but I wasn’t impressed. To get the wrap looking tidy, it took much longer to shrink – costing me in lost time. Shrinkwrap Supplies remains my sole go-to".

Sam McDonagh

“6 years ago, one job using a cheaper wrap from China ended up costing me over $5k in repairs and, worse, my reputation.”

You’re only as good as your last job, and it took me 2 years to rebuild my reputation in Auckland. The imported wrap looked good initially and shrunk well, but after 2 months it disintegrated due to low UV protection. Despite covering the repair costs myself, I lost the client and many others.
Don’t compromise with unrecognised products. I now exclusively work with premium, tested and proven US wrap from Shrinkwrap Supplies. They’re more like a partner than a supplier to me.

Christo Both
Wrapid Man


“If you want a better quality-looking job and wrap that shrinks better, fuses better and welds better, don’t compromise on quality. Shrinkwrap Supplies has been my go-to for over 12 years – you won’t find a more superior wrap.”.

Paul McDonald
All Safe Scaffolding

“It’s easy to spot my competitors in Wellington who use subpar wrap from overseas – their jobs blow out and flap all over the city!”

Working in Windy Welly is no joke, that’s why I always choose reliable, tested wrap that won’t let me down. I drive around the city and I can’t help but notice those who don’t use Shrinkwrap Supplies. Their plastic is flimsy and translucent and tears apart in the strong wind. And trust me, on bad days, the wind can reach up to 160kph!

I can’t afford to take any chances with my projects. I don’t have time to deal with fixing mishaps. Plus, the last thing I want is to be held liable if the plastic fails and causes flooding. That’s why I stick with quality shrink wrap from Shrinkwrap Supplies. It gives me peace of mind and ensures my projects stay intact, no matter what.

Julian Mollowy
Containment Solutions

We’re the sole NZ supplier of the world’s MOST RELIABLE and TESTED PLASTIC, making premium products count where it matters most – at home.

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