✓Recycle your shrink wrap for free
✓ Save on landfill costs
✓ Get certified and get a good rap

Shrinking plastic’s bad rap

Plastic has a bad rap for a good reason. That’s why, at ShrinkWrap Supplies, we’re on a mission to change the way things work in our industry. 

We’ve launched GoodWrap Recycling – a nationwide recycling programme that helps save the planet (and our industry’s reputation to boot).

And the best part? We’ll track every kilo of plastic you keep out of landfills and certify your success.


How it works

Doing good with us is easy…


Call us at ShrinkWrap Supplies to sign up and we’ll provide free recycling bags with every order


Fill up each bag as you tear down your wrap, helping to keep it good and clean.


Shipping is free from your nearest depot and we’ll track every kilo you recycle.


We’ll certify your recycling efforts with the GoodWrap seal of approval.

Get certified and get a good rap

Using the unique code on every recycling bag, we track the plastic you return against your orders. Every kilo of clean wrap recycled earns you points towards your annual certification.

✓ Gold Seal: Over 90% of wrap recycled
✓ Silver Seal: Over 75% of wrap recycled
✓ Green Seal: Up to 75% of wrap recycled

Be a part of something bigger…

Our 1 Million Mission

Join our mission to recycle 1 million kilos of shrink wrap by 2028. Together, we can stop plastic from ending up in landfills.

Never before have we been so determined to have a positive impact on our industry and our planet.


The march to 1 million starts with you …

10,213 KGs Recycled


1 million is bold – we agree

We’ve always been committed to driving change in our industry and, together, we can take important steps towards this giant collaborative goal. So let’s hold ourselves and our industry accountable and start recycling 100% of our shrink wrap today.

OUR Partners

‘Recycling’ vs. ‘good recycling’

Many recycling processes blend different plastic grades, resulting in lower-quality materials. But we’ve teamed up with industry leaders to create a clean recycling process that greatly reduces the number of contaminants.

This means we can produce recycled material that closely resembles virgin plastic, reducing the need for new plastic production. So, when it comes to recycling, let’s not just do better New Zealand, let’s do good.

Keeping it clean, keeping it Kiwi

In collaboration with our partners, we are helping to reduce our carbon footprint and recycle the majority of our waste here in Aotearoa.

Other shrink wrap suppliers who only recycle abroad probably hate us. We’re not sorry. Sometimes shipping waste abroad has a heavier carbon impact than not recycling at all. So we obsess over the details and always strive to keep it clean and keep it Kiwi.

Do good with GoodWrap…

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