Whether you're just starting out or experienced and looking to refine your skills, we offer comprehensive shrinkwrap training for individuals and teams. Choose from our:

Beginners Programme (Free)

Advanced Programme (Paid)

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Our Beginners Programme


Who training is for ?

Individuals or teams new to shrink wrapping or scaffolders wanting to expand their services:

  • Run in small groups of 2-4 trainees by our expert team 
  • Training lasts between 2-3hrs

What we cover?

Basic training with proven tips and techniques to get the best results:  

  • Scaffold/structure preparation
  • Film preparation
  • Use of LPG heat tools including safety awareness
  • Film welding
  • Film shrinking
  • Tape application and uses
  • Repairing holes or tears
  • Installing zip out windows and doors
  • Using polywoven strapping

Where training is held?

Training sessions are run at our Auckland HQ here (Click here to view map location) at a date and time that suits you. Just fill out the form below and we’ll get back to you – usually within 24hrs.

Note: For a small fee, we can meet your trainees at your site. Call us for more information.

Our Advanced Programme


Who training is for ?

Individuals or teams striving to elevate their skills to the next level and refine their processes:

  • Customised training to meet individual requirements
  • Flexible location options: at your site or our Auckland headquarters
  • Tailored quotes to suit your budget

What we cover?

Advanced training with proven techniques to enhance efficiency and productivity:

  • Overcoming installation challenges
  • Improving scaffolding builds for optimal performance
  • Mastering film preparation, welding, and shrinking techniques
  • Delivering more efficient wrapping methodologies to save time and complete jobs in short weather windows
  • Identifying where you can be more efficient on site to save time and money
  • Efficient methods for removing shrink wrap
  • Providing product recommendations tailored to specific jobs
  • Streamlining operations for maximum efficiency
  • Safety issues
    understanding safety issues, especially around heat exposure, working at heights and manual handling.
    considerations around fire safety and prevention.

On-site efficiency and working to time constraints within weather windows

Offering shrink wrap and scaffold build recommendations based on performance requirements

Plus, much more.

  • core principles, concepts and considerations:
  • what (scaffolding), why, where, when (weather effects) who, how
  • Create a comfortable, dry in-user experience environmental/climate/comfort considerations - heat, humidity and ventilation / airflow / security / dry safe environment, takes off windchill / weather refuge

Where training is held?

Training sessions are available at your site or our Auckland headquarters, based on your preference. Flexible scheduling minimises disruption to your operations.

Just fill out the form below, and we’ll get back to you – usually within 24hrs.

Matt Sia

Matt has been at the forefront of our industry since 2007, spearheading the most effective shrink wrapping techniques and technologies from the start. As our in-house specialist, he can provide tailored sessions, either on-site or at our Auckland headquarters.

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