Clear Polyethylene Tape 144mm (6 inches) 55m, 225 microns

Product Description

Width: 144 millimetres Length: 55 meters Thickness: 225 microns Backing material: Polyethylene Colour: Clear Box quantity: 8 rolls UV stability: Up to 12 months Description: This specialised ShrinkWrapping tape is suitable for sealing welds, patching holes, applying strapping, applying zip out windows/door and securing ShrinkWrap films. The aggressive adhesive sticks excepting well while the backing material is well colour matched to our films. We recommend applying this tape after the film has been shrunk preferably while the ShrinkWrap is still warm to ensure an excellent bond is achieved. Sold per roll. WARNING: POLYETHYLENE SHRINKWRAP TAPE IS TO BE APPLIED TO SHRINKWRAP ONLY. DAMAGE MAY OCCUR IF APPLIED TO OTHER SURFACES.

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Product: Clear Polyethylene Tape 144mm (6 inches) 55m, 225 microns