Provide a strong barrier against harm from dust, debris and fumes.

Shrink wrap can keep construction waste and contaminants contained, reducing risks to the public, your workers and the environment.
Exposure to dust particles, debris and fumes can cause safety issues on construction sites and surrounding areas. Shrink wrap uses a heat-shrinking process to create a secure and drum-tight seal which can help restrict access and exposure to potential hazards.

We've got you Covered

  • Weatherproofing
  • UV Protection
  • Site Safety & Efficiency
  • Dust, Debris & Fume Containment
  • Privacy & Screening
  • Transport & Storage Preparation
  • Corrosion Prevention

Dust barrier

Prevent dust particles from spreading beyond the enclosed area.

Debris containment

Create a physical barrier to keep construction waste contained.

Fume encapsulation

Restrict fumes from spreading to adjacent areas on site.

Enhanced public safety

Provide a durable barrier between your site and public areas.

Enhanced worker safety

Minimise potential hazards and improve worker safety.

Environmental protection

Contain pollutants and protect the environment.