Create a secure enclosure and visual barrier around your site.

Shrink wrap creates a barrier that protects privacy, obstructs the view into restricted areas and helps improve security.
Protecting your site from prying eyes has many core benefits. Shrink wrap acts as a screen to protect operations from public view and create a physical barrier to improve safety and security.

We've got you Covered

  • Weatherproofing
  • UV Protection
  • Site Safety & Efficiency
  • Dust, Debris & Fume Containment
  • Privacy & Screening
  • Transport & Storage Preparation
  • Corrosion Prevention

Secure enclosures

Create enclosed spaces to prevent unauthorised access.

Visual barrier

Obstruct the view to improve privacy and security.

Conceal activities

Cover operations from public view to maintain brand optics.

Restrict access

Limit access to designated areas to improve worker safety.

Reduce noise

Minimise noise transmission by absorbing and dampening sound.

Deter theft

Protect your site against opportunistic thefts.